Today’s stories feature updates on titles including Hitman 3 and Horizon Forbidden West, as well as some official PS5 faceplates that might be making their way to the next-gen console.

Here are the biggest gaming news stories for November 22, 2021.

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"No One's Gonna Stay On Top Forever": Ninja On Declining Viewership

Once on top of the world as the most-streamers out there, it appears that Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is fine with his transition out of the limelight as his viewership declines.

Official PS5 Face Plates Could Be Coming Soon According To Sony Patent

ps5 midnight black dualsense headset
via PlayStation

Sony has reportedly filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office a diagram of some PS5 covers and faceplates with a description that reads, “ornamental design for a cover for an electronic device” – meaning that custom color and/or design options for the PS5 may be officially on the way.

Bobby Kotick Reportedly Says He'll Consider Leaving If He Can't Fix Activision Blizzard's Culture Problems


Whether his recent comments are genuine or not remains to be seen, but Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has reportedly told the board of directors that he will consider leaving if he can't fix the ongoing issues concerning sexual misconduct at the company.


Guerrilla's Podcast Promises To Dive Deep On Horizon Universe

Aloy smiling in horizon zero dawn

Developer Guerrilla has revealed that it will flesh out the universe of Horizon Zero Dawn and the upcoming (and highly-anticipated) Horizon Forbidden West over the course of a series-based podcast that is dedicated to the loyal Horizon fanbase.

Spider-Man Will Bring 40 Suits To Marvel's Avengers, First Gameplay Revealed

spider-man avengers
via Crystal Dynamics

Spider-Man will be one of the most fashionable heroes when he gets added to Marvel’s Avengers, albeit with a severe lack of actual story content.

Kojima Productions Opens TV, Film, And Music Division In Los Angeles

Death Stranding Birthday

In what may be the least surprising story of the day, Kojima Productions has set up shop in Los Angeles with a TV, film, and music division that is being helmed by former PlayStation vice president of business affairs and chief legal office, Riley Russell.

Battlefield 2042 Is One Of Steam's Worst-Reviewed Games, But Also One Of Its Most Played

A player holding a sniper while a helicopter flies overhead in Battlefield 2042

Despite Battlefield 2042 being one of Steam’s worst-reviewed titles, coming as a result of an incredibly rough release, it still manages to be one of the platform’s most-played games as well. Go figure.

Hitman 3 To Get New Maps As Series Breaks 50 Million Players Total


Hitman 3 – which is reportedly the most successful entry in the series – will soon be updated with “new maps, new storylines, new modes,” and “new ways of playing” in the new year..

GTA: The Trilogy Includes A Cheat That Wasn't In The Originals

gta the trilogy
via Rockstar

If you’ve ever wanted to wander the streets of Liberty City, Vice City, or San Andreas as a walking, talking bobblehead – now’s your chance.

Destiny 2 Now Has A Mental Health Kit To Improve Guardians' Wellbeing

Destiny Mental Health Kit

Just in time for the holidays – a time when seasonal depression is very much a common occurance – Guardians Mental Health, a New York non-profit "focused on promoting mental health awareness & meaningful resources throughout the gaming community," is now offering official Bungie-licensed mental health kits that are specifically tailored to Destiny fans.

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Respawn CEO Vince Zampella To Take Control Of The Battlefield Series

War. War sometimes changes.

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