The Pokemon Company has revealed a life-size Lucario plush, and the internet has collectively fallen in love with it.

This is far from the first life-size Pokemon plush that we've seen before, with similar products being made for Pokemon like Snorlax, Slowpoke, Zeraora, and even Piplup. However, Lucario is one of the most popular Pokemon across the generations, so seeing him turned into a plush the size of a person is oddly soothing.

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There's also something incredibly charming about the photos they've used to advertise the Lucario plush. Instead of just showing off the plush, they've put him into several different poses that almost make him seem alive. He's seen sitting at a dining table staring into your soul, poking his head around the door like you're not going to bed on time, and even just stood in a corner, menacingly. We're just kidding, he's just checking on you.


Since being announced, the plush has gone viral with Pokemon fans instantly falling in love with him and his weird advertising. The plush stands at 120cm tall and includes several points of articulation so that you can pose him just like those strange photos think you're going to. Who do they think is going to pose Lucario to help with the dishes?


Well, that's if you can somehow get your hands on it. Sad news - it's currently only available in Japan and costs around $400. Hey, no one said a life-size Pokemon would be cheap. It's not clear whether the plush will ever be made outside of Japan, as most of the life-sized plushes in the past have remained exclusive to the Pokemon Center in Japan. It looks like if you're wanting to get one, you're going to have to make the trip over to the Pokemon Center yourself. The things we do for plushy Pokemon love.

If you're able to order the Lucario plush, it's currently up for pre-order on the Pokemon Center website for 46,200 yen and with an expected shipping date of May 2022.

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