New World players using EU Central servers have been unable to play for five hours now. The servers have been taken offline as the developers conduct emergency maintenance, but there's no word on when they will be back.

The developer has released two statements on the maintenance, revealing that it is being conducted following instances of incorrect coin compensation. The last update came four hours ago, revealing that the team is still investigating the issue, and is working on a rollback for all affected players.

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As expected, many players are frustrated to see the game down for so long in the EU region. The issue being fixed is one that saw some players get hundreds of thousands of coins, completely unintended on the dev's part. Those who benefitted from this are spending the money now, hoping that the items they buy will not be taken away in the rollback.

On the other hand, others seem to have little faith in the studio's ability to implement a rollback, feeling that it will create more issues. Overall, it seems that a lot of patience has grown thin.


The good news is that the wording on the last statement seems to suggest the rollbacks will be limited to characters, not entire servers. This should mean that unaffected players will keep their progression, and won't suffer because of a bug they had nothing to do with.

Amazon will need to work hard to win back some goodwill, because this isn't the only thing to irritate the fanbase recently. The Into the Void update has been heavily criticised by players, who have labelled it "grindy" and a "time sink". The nerfs are also unpopular, as there was no warning that they were coming, with the whole patch being seen as a "step in the wrong direction".

New World is still a young MMO, only launching September 28 of this year. It is available exclusively on PC.

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